Different Types of Tea

People today are beginning to realize that different beverages may have certain health benefits. Because of this trend, there are more and more online tea stores operating throughout the United States. Those who produce this particular beverage are even coming up with different flavors and spices to infuse into the drink. For example, there is such thing as blooming tea, where a flower is placed in the beverage and the flavor from the flower is infused into the drink. There are four main types of this drink, each with its’ own flavors and benefits.

The black type is dark, rich, and full of flavor blooming tea. It is almost always caffeinated with only a few that have no caffeine. This is the type that is most likely to have a variety of spices added to it. Historically speaking, this flavor became the most popular in Western Europe and the United States when it was first brought to these nations from China. The British really embraced this beverage when it was brought from India during the time of the strong British Empire.

The green flavor was first drunk in China during the 10th century. This type is also becoming more popular as some medical professionals have published studies illustrating some health benefits to drinking this beverage. Some believe it has the possibility to decrease the risk of heart disease and even some types of cancer. It is usually light yellow in color and it has a lighter taste, especially compared to any kind of black flavor. In many Asian nations, this flavor is so popular it has been incorporated into ice cream.

The white type also has its’ roots in China and is arguably the lightest in flavor of all the different types of this beverage. Sometimes fruit flavors are added to increase sweetness, especially for consumers in the United States. The most common fruity flavor that is added to this is some type of berry, usually raspberry.

Finally, Oolong is yet a third type that is historically linked to China. It is not as well known as the three previously mentioned flavors. To most who consume it, it has a medium strength of flavor. It has only recently become more popular in the United States, since more and more people are willing to try different types of this beverage.