What is the New TikTok Trend?

The new TikTok trend has taken social media by storm, and creators are using it to share the truth. From coffee shops to boutiques, people are using TikTok to show what they’re drinking, where their favorite outfit is from, and where their craft came from. These videos can be shared in real time, and are gaining popularity among users. This article will discuss some of the most popular TikTok trends, and explain how you can incorporate them into your content.

Slow Zoom + Wildest Dreams

If you’ve seen the TikTok videos about Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” single, you’ve definitely heard the Slow Zoom trend. Slow Zoom videos are a popular form of video-sharing, allowing viewers to see a person lip-syncing to a song while it is being played. The Slow Zoom trend has also gained popularity in video games. In particular, the video app is popular among teens, as it allows users to make their own games and watch them downtik.

‘Orbeez challenge’

Teenagers are using airsoft-type pistols to shoot a “Gun Orbeez” at random. In some videos, they record their drive-by shooting and post them on TikTok. They hope to get as many likes as possible. This trend is popping up more these days, and experts say it may have something to do with the Zika virus. If you haven’t heard of the Orbeez challenge yet, it’s a great way to stay up to date on what’s trending.

Orbeez are soft gel balls that are advertised as stress relievers. Some people use them as crafting materials, while others add them to sensory tables or bathtubs. However, there’s a new TikTok trend involving these balls. Thousands of kids are shooting these soft-gel balls at random strangers, sometimes causing serious injuries. This is an extreme version of a kiddie game, and it’s important to be careful.


Teenagers are doing the “Orbeez Challenge” on TikTok, where they use airsoft-type pistols to shoot Orbeez pellets at other people. They record their videos and post them on TikTok to get as many likes as possible. This trend is spreading like wildfire through social media, and experts attribute it to the Zika virus. In the meantime, it’s fun for teens to post videos of themselves shooting Orbeez with their airsoft guns.

The Orbeez Challenge is a fun video game that has gone viral. In this game, users shoot Orbeez balls at random people using a toy gun. The challenge is often recorded and shared on social media, and it can lead to serious injury, especially to the body parts that are sensitive to the impact. Teens have even frozen the water gel beads to increase their impact. Although the “Orbeez” game has been around for several years, it’s still a hit, with some teens getting seriously injured.

‘Orbeez’ as a TikTok trend

The ‘Orbeez Challenge’ is another edgy TikTok trend that’s gaining popularity. In this challenge, teens shoot Orbeez balls at strangers with a toy airsoft gun or gel-ball. While this trend has been widely circulated, it is important to note that the Orbeez balls are dangerous, and you should not attempt to shoot them if you’re not comfortable doing so.

The Fernandina Beach Sheriff’s Department tweeted about a number of Orbeez Challenge videos that have circulated on TikTok over the spring break period. It is not clear if the police are actively investigating these videos, but those who have posted them could face criminal charges if caught. The police have identified some of the participants and released their names and contact information to their parents.

Despite this trend being so popular, local law enforcement agencies have issued warnings to the public about the dangers of Orbeez gun crimes. While some departments blame the trend on the ‘TikTok Challenge’ itself, others have said the ‘Orbeez gun challenge’ is a legitimate threat. Hundreds of thousands of people have been injured by Orbeez in drive-by shootings, and there are more than a few incidents being reported around the country.